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The Why

We know what it’s like to run a business. We’ve felt the ups, the downs, the “How can I bring in more customers?”. And that’s why we started BlueHubs. Because once we figured out that Digital Marketing would improve and scale our business, we wanted to help everyone else out. We’ve got our marketing down to a process, so don’t feel like you’re taking advantage of our prices either.

The Who

BlueHubs is made up of young individuals in Los Angeles that have come together to make a difference. Like an actual difference. And that’s why we decided to help small businesses get online. You guys are the ones that need to be starting e-commerce stores and social media marketing, especially in 2018!

The How

Like we mentioned above, we’ve got our marketing down to a process. And this process is exactly how we do things. We research, plan, and execute. This includes figuring out your target audience which is what so many businesses are failing to do when it comes to taking business online. We then plan each and every service around them and execute accordingly.

Our Services

Check out a few of the services we offer to get across to that target audience of yours.

Social Media Marketing


Email Marketing

Video Production

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