How to Find The Right Influencers

There are all sorts of influencer types operating on different scales ranging from micro to macro. When searching for the right influencers for your brand, you have to consider all the stakes and factors that come with it. Today, we’ll be venturing through how your...

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Inbound vs Outbound Marketing Strategy

Traditional advertising and sales are going to die and if you don’t adopt this new methodology, you will be left in the dust. I’m going to show you something will change the way you get customers forever, plus make it easier and way more sustainable. You won’t ever...

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5 Steps to an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy

Before even starting your campaign, you must put in the heavy research. You must research what all the factors that could be advantageous or damaging towards your campaign. Understanding the time, resources, people, and workloads needed is crucial. After all this...

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How Do Influencers Guide An Audience?

Influencer marketing is all about utilizing the reach, resonance, and relevance/reaction that an influencer has to promote your brand/product/services. Their authentic/unique content resonates with followers and cultivates trusting relations with one another....

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What Doesn’t Work in Influencer Marketing?

There will always be new marketing trends that retain a lot of attention. That doesn’t mean your business must follow those trends. It is important for you to analyze the needs of your business. Then determine whether your business will benefit significantly or enough...

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What Works in Influencer Marketing?

Just as puzzles come together when all the pieces are put in the right place, the right steps must be taken in influencer campaigns for it to reach the same success. When entering the influencer marketing field, there are a handful of factors to be mindful of. All...

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Influencer Marketing, The New Celebrity Endorsement?

Influencer marketing, in a sense, is renovating the idea of celebrity endorsements to fit modern day standards. A mixture of new and old marketing tools to create a collaboration between influencers and brands for an innovative marketing campaign. In this case,...

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