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Are you looking for a place where your ideas matter? At BlueHubs, we expand our team with individuals who want to grow and succeed by following their passion. Plus, we’re like a family. And families have a lot of fun.

Currently Hiring Sales Representatives!

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Internship program

If you are currently in school but want to test the waters in digital marketing, our internship program is the place for you. Get hands on experience and learn everything about taking a business online.


Lots of people take jobs that they actually don’t enjoy. At BlueHubs, we make sure that you are following your passion and that you have lots of room to expand within the industry. Put your skills to good use and grow with us.

No, we won’t send you on coffee runs.

BlueHubs offers real, hands on work. Our internship program is a stimulation of having an actual client where you get to learn all about digital marketing.

We want to educate and help you grow.

BlueHubs is also there for you as an education system. We want to teach you everything we can about digital marketing to make sure that this is what you want to do as a career later on. You won’t leave this internship with just experience but also knowledge.

Current Open Job Listings

Our company is currently hiring for a few positions. If you think that you would make a great addition to the team, apply for the position.

Web Developer

Developing websites for clients as well as maintaining our own. Looking for someone with advanced knowledge of coding languages and an innovative attitude.

Sales Representative

Responsible for finding small local businesses that would do much better if they used digital marketing and then offering our services to grow their business online.


In charge of communicating messages through photography for a range of different businesses as well as getting creative and pitching new ideas when it comes to branding.

“Working at BlueHubs has brought many new and amazing experiences and opportunities. BlueHubs provided me with great hands on training that allowed me to apply digital marketing skills to small businesses. It’s been very rewarding watching these businesses grow. During my time at BlueHubs, I was able to increase my knowledge about the digital marketing industry on areas I was not to familiar with, such as SEO, inbound marketing, and branding. I am so grateful for the job opportunity BlueHubs has provided for me.”

Emily Han

BlueHubs Employee

“I loved interning at BlueHubs. I learned so much about digital marketing and how to apply it in order to help businesses grow. I got to learn all the different aspects of digital marketing and got to choose which one I wanted to learn more about and work on. I chose Web Development and really enjoyed it! I was lucky enough to get offered a job at BlueHubs which I hope to accept after I graduate. Thanks BlueHubs! Sasha Hernandez

Digital Marketing Intern

don't see an opening?

If we aren’t hiring for a particular area of your expertise, send us over your resume anyways! Our company is constantly growing and once the spot opens up, we will first look at the resumes we have already recieved.

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