E-Commerce Design

Why sell your product on a third-party site when you could sell on your own? Cut out that percentage they take and drive traffic!

When it comes to E-commerce, we know a thing or two.


of millennials prefer to shop online rather than in the store.


of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.



  • 5 pages
  • WordPress or Shopify
  • Made from template
  • 1 hour consultation
  • Mobile responsive
  • Social media integrations
  • Google Maps
  • Mailing list plugin
  • Contact form
  • Photo sourcing
  • Connect to Google Analytics
  • Social Sharing
  • 404 Redirect
  • XML Sitemap
  • 3 rounds of revisions
  • Includes up to 10 products
  • Additional pages $250
  • Additional $10 per extra product



Everything in the Basic Package PLUS:

  • 5 pages customized theme
  • 1 page mock-up
  • 2 hour How to Tutorial
  • Includes up to 15 products
  • Additional pages $250
  • Additional $10 per extra product



Everything in the Advanced Package PLUS:

  • 5 pages from scratch
  • 2 hour consultation
  • 2 page mock-up
  • 2 hour how to tutorial
  • Includes up to 20 products
  • Additional pages $300
  • Additional $10 per extra product


Julian Sola
Julian Sola

CEO of Primate Movement

I was already selling on Amazon when BlueHubs reached out to me. That’s when I realized that I should be selling on my own site, but I wasn’t sure where to start. BlueHubs helped me build my online store and it was for such a great price!

E-Com is what we do.

Answers to your questions

Why work with BlueHubs?

BlueHubs isn’t your average markering agency. We take a unique approach to marketing by matching everything to your target audience. We plan to grow by your side as we help you achieve your goals. We offer our services at affordable prices yet complete quality work. And we want to see YOU succeed.

Who are you guys anyways?

BlueHubs is made up of a group of young individuals who are passionate when it comes to helping businesses grow online. We took our failed business a few years back, found out that digital marketing was the culprit to our issues, and decided to teach business owners what they could be doing online.

What results will I get from this?

When it comes to bringing your business online through digital marketing, there are tons of results you will get out of our packages. First, you will officially have an online presence. You’ll be easier to find online thorugh SEO, have a professional website, great content on social media and all of these things increase leads, customers, and sales.

Are there long term contracts?

No! There’s no need to worry about being stuck in a monthly subscription service when it comes to signing up for one of our packages. All of our packages are a one-time fee since most of the services only need to be done once. (Ex. Website Design and SEO) But we do offer monthly packages that businesses usually sign up for after we have completed a package for them or if they already have a website and other services in place. These packages include services that businesses would need continuously like social media posting, email newsletters, blog articles. These packages start at a 6-month term and go up to a year.

What happens if I wait?

We understand that you may want to wait and discuss this purchase with a partner or check out other agencies. We encourage that. But our prices do change, and they are only going to go up. As we get more clients and our services are requested more, we have to bump our prices to grow our team. So signing up for a package right away is a better idea since we have been constantly growing.

Will my website be mobile friendly on iPhones and Android devices?

Of course! Every website we create is meant to be seen on every device since people surf the web and use social media on a wide range of devices. We are also able to create a completely different version of your site on another device for an extra cost.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the use of sharing content (like blog articles, social media posts, vlogs, eBooks, etc) as part of a marketing strategy to reach and interest your target audience.

How will you help me highlight my uniqueness to beat my competition?

We always have our clients fill out our BlueHubs Formula AKA our Target Audience Generator. During this process, we find out what makes you different from the rest of your competition so we can show this to your audience. We put it in a way where they will see how you are making a difference and want to learn more.

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