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We don't just make websites and manage social media, we grow businesses.
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Using digital marketing to increase sales is an effective and efficient way in today's generation.

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  • bluehubs-digital-marketing-hub-case-study
    Case Study

    Before Bluehubs

    Our website wasn't up to date, we had no visibility on Google, and no idea how to go about social media, especially Instagram.

    With Bluehubs

    We now rank on page one of Google for keywords like Glendale-Mobile-Pet-Grooming and other keywords that are crucial to our success. Bluehubs delivered an amazing combination of what we wanted and what actually converts. For example, our new website design brought us 50+ appointments in just one week and helped us increased our closing rates by 30% online in 90 days.

    Kevin King and Carter King

    Co-Founders & CEO

  • bluehubs-digital-marketing-hub-case-study
    Case Study

    We helped Leon increase his walk-in traffic by 30%

    Using social media and email marketing, we were able to increase Leon's in-store traffic which led to an increase of sales. Leon was also able to succeed by being able to focus on driving his business forward instead of focusing on time consuming routines. The team behind BlueHubs helped him better understand who his target audience is so he could then properly understand what they liked and how to market to them

    Leon Nie


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Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

We know you want to make sure you're making the right choice when picking the right Digital Marketing Agency. That's why we answered your questions.

BlueHubs isn't your average markering agency. We take a unique approach to marketing by matching everything to your target audience. We plan to grow by your side as we help you achieve your goals. We offer our services at affordable prices yet complete quality work. And we want to see YOU succeed.

BlueHubs is made up of a group of young individuals who are passionate when it comes to helping businesses grow online. We took our failed business a few years back, found out that digital marketing was the culprit to our issues, and decided to teach business owners what they could be doing online.

If you wait to reach out to us, it is likely our prices or packages may have changed. This is because we are constantly bringing on new clients and expanding the company. Plus, there is a never a better time to start going digital than NOW.

When it comes to bringing your business online through digital marketing, there are tons of results you will get out of our packages. First, you will officially have an online presence. You'll be easier to find online through SEO, have a professional website, great content on social media and all of these things increase leads, customers, and sales.

Of course not! The best part of us helping local businesses is that we encourage our clients to have meetings with us in person which gives each of us a better understanding of who each other is and builds trust. If you prefer to deal with everything virtually, we will still stay in contact constantly and request payment online but always through secure payment processing, like PayPal Invoices. And we stick to our word. We really want to help you grow, it's not only rewarding to the business we are helping but also to our team.

We have experience in many different industries! From coffee shops, to pilates instructors, to the cannabis industry, to the pet industry, we have explored different ways digital marketing takes place in different industries. So ask us if we have! And if we haven't, I wouldn't worry. We adapt quickly to new industries since we research and apply accordingly.


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